Charttechnik Was ist ein Shooting Star im Candlestick Chart?

It’s important to not only study the anatomy of the shooting star pattern, but also to realize the conditions under which it is most effective. First and foremost, we will need to spot a potential shooting star formation on the price chart. Referring to the upper magnified area on this price chart, we can clearly see the forex The Difference Between A Data Warehouse And A Database formation. It has all of the characteristics that we like to see within the structure. If however the price begins to move in our favor following a short entry, then we will watch the price action closely as it trades within the bearish channel.

shooting star candle

Consult with your financial advisor before making any decision. And notice that the shooting star pattern formed at the previous strong resistance area, so all those factors combined together, made the pattern very strong. Second, you have to look for a candle that has a long upper shadow with a small body at the bottom and the small body can be bullish or bearish. As I said earlier the pattern forms at the top of the trend and the pattern has a long upper shadow. If the prior trend is bearish, this will not be a shooting star pattern. The colour of the shooting star pattern does not matter, either green or red.

The shooting star candle is most effective when it forms after a series of three or more consecutive rising candles with higher highs. It may also occur during a period of overall rising prices, even if a few recent candles were bearish. When it comes to ascertaining bearish reversals, overbought conditions are of utmost importance.

So, the pattern can be used as an entry signal for the bears who want to short and an exit signal for the bulls who have taken a long trade. When trading any candlestick pattern you have to check many things, the most important of which is the pattern’s location. Every candlestick forms because of market participants and their actions are controlled by their psychology like greed, fear, etc. This candlestick guide focuses on how to find and interpret the shooting star candlestick pattern. We also distinguish between the shooting star and inverted hammer candlestick pattern, sometimes referred to as an inverted shooting star.

What is the Hammer Candlestick pattern

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A shooting star pattern is found at the top of an uptrend, when the trend is losing its momentum. No matter how good it is, you’ll still encounter losing trades — it’s a fact of trading. There are others like Bearish Engulfing Pattern, Dark Cloud Cover, Gravestone Doji, etc. — these can serve as an entry trigger too. Because you must also consider the context of the market (like the trend, the area of value, etc.). Despite the fact that there is no way of knowing how much the price will fall after verification of the shooting star, selling must occur. The price may continue its upward path with the longer-term uptrend following a small decline.

shooting star candle

The Shooting Star candle is a single candlestick pattern and appears at the top of the uptrend. This is the simple psychology behind the shooting star candle that every retail trader must learn in technical analysis. After the advance, a shooting star opens and moves higher during the session. As the session proceeds, the seller steps in and causes the price to fall back to what it was at open, thereby erasing the gains made in the session. The long upper shadow depicts the buyers who purchased during the session but now are in a losing position as the price falls back to the levels at open. A major disadvantage of this candlestick is that when you consider it in isolation it does not tell you anything about price reversals.

Video on how to use the Shooting Star candlestick in trading

Then the selling pressure weighs down the price, creating a Shooting Star with a long upwards tail and a small body. We have discussed a number of candlestick patterns on the Tradingsim blog. If you haven’t checked out our other resources be sure to do so, you’ll find a really nice candlestick pattern cheat sheet… If you find yourself overwhelmed or new to candlestick patterns, the best way to get a firm grasp of the strategies is through deliberate practice.

  • Initially, the bulls are in control as the prevailing uptrend continues to stay in motion.
  • Across many time zones, you can trade stocks, FX, currencies, commodities, futures, and even cryptocurrencies.
  • The second line of the pattern continued initially the price increase but was not able to keep new maximums.
  • A hanging man is a bearish candlestick pattern that forms at the end of an uptrend and warns of lower prices to come.

This demonstrates that bulls have lost authority by the day ending. And that bears have taken control of the crypto market to initiate a bearish move as the shooting star candlestick has marked a top. No trading strategy will win you money all the time because all pattern fails and the Shooting Star Candlestick Pattern is also no exception.

Is There A Bullish Shooting Star Pattern?

The entry of bears signifies that they are trying to break the stronghold of the bulls. Lower shadow length should be at least twice the length of the real body. The market is in a downtrend, where the bears are in absolute control of the markets. Notice the blue hammer has a very tiny upper shadow, which is acceptable considering the “Be flexible – quantify and verify” rule. The chart below shows the presence of two hammers formed at the bottom of a downtrend. If the paper umbrella appears at the top end of an uptrend rally, it is called the ‘Hanging Man’.

shooting star candle

The bullish version of the Shooting Star formation is the Inverted Hammer formation that occurs at bottoms. The Shooting formation is created when the open, low, and close are roughly the same price. In some situations, the price continues to rise after the appearance of the Shooting Star. To practise trades before committing to a live trading account, you can try out the IG demo account.

A trader who went short at the open of the next candle would be in profit as the market declined heavily on Wednesday and Thursday before profit-taking came in on Friday. The shooting star pattern is a bearish reversal pattern that consists of just one candlestick and forms after a price swing high. It is seen after an asset’s market price is pushed up quite significantly but then gets rejected at higher prices, which indicates that the price may be about to decline. Remember that the shooting star candlestick should never be viewed in isolation. Before you act on the formation, confirm the signal using technical indicators. For example, if you think that a shooting star at the top of an uptrend means possible reversal, you can test the bearish bias.

5 – The shooting star

A shooting star is a bearish candlestick which appears after an uptrend. It indicates that the price may start to fall and occurs only after an advance. Shooting stars are among the most prominent candlesticks among the traders.

Afterward, a shooting star candle appears at the top after the significant price advance. The pattern shows prices opened and went higher but closed lower at the end of the day resulting in a long wick and small body. The emergence of a bearish candlestick the following day affirms that momentum had changed from bullish to bearish on bears overpowering the bulls. It is a bearish candlestick pattern characterized by a long upper shadow and a small real body. The pattern forms when a security price opens, advances significantly, but then retreats during the period only to close near the open again.

Initially, the bulls are in control as the prevailing uptrend continues to stay in motion. Once the bulls hit the climax point and hit the high of the candle, everything looks bullish. It should be emphasized that when the resistance was broken out, the price successfully tested this level and headed up. A bullish hammer and an inverted hammer are forming there as well. Further on the price chart, a hanging man reversal pattern appears, which warns market participants that the price has reached the top and could reverse soon.

As we will discuss in a moment, the psychology behind these candles are everything. The shooting star pattern is frequently misinterpreted as a hanging figure, and both are typically reversal patterns that arise at the peak of a significant rally. The trading money management‘s upper candlewick is likely to be considerably larger in such instances. This indicates that the price is on the verge of reversing with even greater vigor.

If the high of the pattern acts as resistance and the price fails to move up, the level would be considered a strong resistance level. Traders can place short positions at this level with a stop loss order a few pips above the shooting star highs. Therefore, we sell the security after the pattern confirmation. At the same time, we place a stop loss order above the upper wick of the shooting star candle in order to secure our short trade.